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Coffeyville Spotlight

Posted on: May 2, 2017

Logo and Tagline Revealed During Branding Meeting

Gregory Thomas, who was hired to develop a branding concept for the City of Coffeyville, presented commissioners and community members with the first look at a new logo and tagline. During the presentation, Thomas reviewed the process undertaken through surveys and interviews to develop a logo and tagline concept.

“Brands have emerged as a city’s most valuable asset in setting itself apart,” said Thomas. “The tagline developed for Coffeyville, ‘Our History Fuels Our Future’, provides a clear and consistent sense of community identity and messaging for the outside world.”

Implementing the new logo and tagline will be the next step. City Manager Kendal Francis will be working with city staff to determine a plan to roll out the new design. “This will take some time,” Francis said. “It will be several months before we have everything in place.”

The new logo and tagline developed by Gregory Thomas, GTA, is pictured.
Branding presentation
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