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Coffeyville Connection - In Town
Coffeyville Connection WiFi is available almost everywhere in the city limits. To verify availability, on a WiFi enabled device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc), check your list of wireless networks for Coffeyville Connection.

Once you have service, you will be able to use your WiFi device anywhere throughout the community a Coffeyville Connection signal is available.

Minimum Requirements
To access Coffeyville Connection's WiFi network you need to have a WiFi enabled device.  This would include a laptop, smartphone, tablet, ereader or a USB wireless card.

Traffic on the Coffeyville Connection WiFi network is secure.

Basic Service - Email and Internet
    Download speed up to 1 Mbps/upload to 512 Kbps

Standard Service - Email, Internet, videos, occasional movies
    Download speed up to 3 Mbps/upload to 1 Mbps

Premium Service - Email, Internet, Skype, movies, gamers
    Download speed up to 5 Mbps/upload to 2 Mbps

Payment for Coffeyville Connection WiFi is done online.  Debit, credit or bank cards or a Paypal account are all acceptable means of payment.

Multiple Devices
The Coffeyville Connection wireless signal will work for multiple WiFI enabled devices.  If you have multiple devices, it is recommended you use a wireless bridge and a router. 
Example of wireless bridge