Coffeyville’s stormwater utility was implemented in 2007 as a result of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Stormwater Phase Two Rule. The regulations dictated by the EPA are in place to improve the quality of water in our streams, lakes and rivers.

About Stormwater

Stormwater is primarily water that comes from rain, snow and ice that flows across the ground and pavement. Stormwater seeps into the ground or drains into storm sewers - the drains you see at street corners or at low points on the sides of the street.

Stormwater video

Stormwater Complaint

The storm drains in the street outside your home flow directly to waterways, without any treatment. It is therefore very important that no one be allowed to dump waste of any kind onto the street surface, drainage pipes, and ditches, or into storm drains – they are only for rainwater. If you see someone dumping anything onto street surfaces, into storm drains, or into any other device built to contain rainfall or runoff, please report it immediately by calling the Stormwater Department at 620-252-6019 or by completing the form in the link below. (If there is no answer at the number listed above, leave a message) 

Legal discharges include: Individual residential car washing, foundation drains, air conditions condensation, lawn watering, firefighting activities, not-for-profit car wash, sump pump drains.  

Erosion and Sediment Complaints: Observed excessive erosion and sedimentation from active construction sites. 

Illicit Drainage Complaints: Observed illegal dumping into the stormwater system and/ or streams. Anything entering the stormwater system that is not stormwater is considered an illicit discharge. 

Link to Stormwater Complaint Form

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